Incident Investigations

As part of Technical Safety BC's commitment to share safety information with clients and the public, we share our incident investigation summaries. The investigations are documented in our enhanced incident investigation report format and organized by technology.

When does Technical Safety BC investigate?
  • When regulated work or regulated equipment is involved
  • When evidence is available to help determine causes and contributing factors
  • Where a learning opportunity exists to understand and document what caused the incident, and to inform prevention of similar incidents.
When does Technical Safety BC not investigate?
  • Where a regulated product or work is not involved
  • Where there is no evidence of regulated equipment being involved, or it has been ruled out.
  • It does not meet the definition of an incident
  • Evidence of cause or contributing factors is poor or non-existent.
Title Ref # Incident Date Technologies Publish Date
Explosion due to underground gas line damaged by excavator II-1288074-2021 (#25071) Gas 22 September 2022
Passenger sustains knee injury while advancing to load on a chairlift II-1314639-2022 (#25809) Passenger Ropeways 23 August 2022
Ceiling light fixtures and wires damaged from heat II-1249160-2021 (#23870) Electrical 23 August 2022
Deropement on passenger ropeway during snow removal II-1307372-2021 (#25577) Passenger Ropeways 23 August 2022
Child struck by passenger ropeway chair after unloading II-1306357-2021 (#25513) Passenger Ropeways 23 August 2022
Malfunctioning safety sensor causes emergency brakes to abruptly stop a gondola II-1316263-2022 (#25833) Passenger Ropeways 23 August 2022
Extreme weather causes trees to damage passenger ropeway II-1216902-2021 (#22650) Passenger Ropeways 23 August 2022
Corroded heat exchanger exposes couple to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide II-1311232-2022 (#25699) Gas 22 August 2022
Furnace ignites plastic components after a high limit switch was bypassed II-1139526-2021 (#20647) Gas 22 August 2022
Carbon monoxide exposure in multi unit care home II-1295456-2021 (#25240) Gas 22 August 2022
Fireplace glass shatters from delayed ignition II-1317008-2022 (#25858) Gas 22 August 2022
Worker injured after fall from manlift II-1222001-2021 (#22773) Elevating Devices 22 August 2022
Cable miswired by unqualified personnel results in shocked individual II-1102219-2021 (#19872) Electrical 22 August 2022
Floor receptacle corrodes and causes arcing in grocery store II-1346918-2022 (#26711) Electrical 22 August 2022
Pinhole leak in a corroded insulated process pipe II-1039707-2020 (#18815) Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 22 August 2022
Ferroresonance results in major damage to multiple facilities electrical service gear II-1126869-2021 (#20405) Electrical 22 August 2022
House explosion due to damaged gas line II-1288074-2021 (#26151) Gas 29 July 2022
Damage to a house’s main distribution panelboard and feeder cable due to nail punctures II-1303191-2021 (#25432) Electrical 15 July 2022
Leak identified in a recovery boiler II-1289464-2021 (#25109) Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 15 July 2022
High levels of CO emissions from rooftop boiler pulled into building II-1263238-2021 (#24277) Gas 15 July 2022
Damage caused to an underground electrical system during construction of a new playground II-1295505-2021 (#25242) Electrical 15 July 2022
Damage caused to a motor control centre due to arcing event II-1266942-20 (#24374) Electrical 15 July 2022
Parking garage motion switch caught fire internally, causing lighting black out II-1291094-2021 (#25150) Electrical 15 July 2022
Ammonia leak at an industrial food processing facility results in two people injured II-1213103-2021 (#22551) Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 14 July 2022
An air handling unit dispersed dangerous concentrations of carbon monoxide in the hallways of a residential building II-1261773-2021 (#24231) Gas 14 July 2022