Managing Safety Risks: Permits


Technical Safety BC issues installation and operating permits to contractors and asset owners to ensure work is being done correctly and to connect them to the safety system. The data collected helps us track where regulated work is being done and by whom, should compliance and enforcement action be needed to correct unsafe work. 

Key Statistics

Installation permits

In 2021, a total of 160,089 installation permits were issued, a 15% increase compared to 2021.

Amusement devices and passenger ropeways both saw increases in installation permits issued. In 2021 there were 22 amusement device installation permits issued, an 175% increase in comparison to 2020. This is in part due to the re-opening of many amusement devices that were not in operation in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and provincial health and safety guidelines.

Passenger ropeway installation permits increased to 22 in 2021 from 9 in 2020.

2021 saw an increase of 18% in electrical installation permits issued to 87,042 in 2021 from 73,966 in 2020.

Elevating devices saw a decrease of installation permits. In 2021, 1,751 installation permits were issued, a 25% decrease from 2020.

Installation Permits by Year (2017-2021)

Installation Permits by Technology in 2021

Operating permits

The number of active operating permits in 2021 increased by 6% compared to the previous year.

Passenger Ropeways saw an increase of 8% to 211 in 2021 from 195 in 2020.

Elevating devices saw an increase in active operating permits, with 26,963 (7%) in 2021, compared to 25,303 in 2020.

Operating Permits by Year (2017-2021)

Operating Permits by Technology in 2021