Regulatory Notices

Title Ref # Revision Date
Information Bulletin: Passenger Ropeway Train the Trainer Certificate of Qualification Program Update IB-PR 2022-01
Information Bulletin: Passenger ropeway and passenger conveyor contractors' pre-operation inspection declaration IB-PR 2018-02 Rev 1
Safety Order: Above surface passenger ropeway detachable grip rebuild, inspection and servicing procedures SO-PR-2021-01
Correction of Non-Compliances for Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors D-PR 2020-01
Information Bulletin: Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) IB-CE-2019-01
Information Bulletin: Passenger ropeway site fall protection verification declaration IB-PR 2018-02 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Compliance and enforcement fees criteria IB-CE-2018-02
Information Bulletin: Compliance audits IB-CE-2018-01 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Incident and hazard reporting - passenger ropeways and passenger conveyors IB-PR 2017-01 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Passenger ropeway contractors pre-operation inspection declaration IB-PR-2017-03 Rescinded
Safety Order: Conveyor safety order SO-PR-2017-01
Information Bulletin: Hazards associated with the maintenance of passenger conveyors IB-PR 2017-02
Information Bulletin: Transitional requirements under Bill 13 – Safety Standards Amendment Act, 2016 for equipment located in pipelines and oil & gas facilities IB-A1-2016-02
Information Bulletin: Pending amendments to the Safety Standards Act under Bill 13 – Safety Standards Amendment Act, 2016 IB-A1-2016-01
Information Bulletin: Adoption of the CSA Z98–14 Passenger Ropeway and Passenger Conveyor Safety Standard IB-PR 2016-01
Information Bulletin: Work carrier & guarding safety IB-PR 2012-01
Safety Order: Doppelmayr DS series fixed jaw failure SO-PR 2012-03
Safety Order: Leitner Poma detachable installations SO-PR 2012-2
Safety Order: Above surface fixed grip SO-PR 2012-01
Safety Order: Foot passenger loading areas SO-P4 110531 1
Safety Order: Water intrusion safety order for all ropeways SO P4 100708 1
Information Bulletin: Whistler Blackcomb Excalibur Gondola incident – report released B P4 100713 1
Safety Order: Doppelmayr CTEC safety alert bulletin SA-08-021 Wolfurt KD08003E SO-P4 091002 1
Information Bulletin: Maintaining clearances on passenger ropeways to other types of equipment B-P4 090224 1
Safety Order: Inspection requirements for Leitner Poma sheave assemblies SO-P4 081222 4
Safety Order: Inspection of passenger ropeway towers for water intrusion SO-P4 081218 3
Information Bulletin: Adoption of CAN/CSA Z98-07 Passenger Ropeways & Passenger Conveyor Standard B-P4 081009 1
Safety Order: Passengers failing to load or unload from above surface ropeways SO-P4 080122 1
Information Bulletin: Passengers falling from carriers on above surface passenger ropeways B-P4 070301 1
Information Bulletin: Unsafe operation of winch controlled Snow-Cats in the vicinity of passenger ropeways B-P4 061218 2
Safety Order: Visual inspection of Doppelmayr DT-104 detachable grips SO-P4 060117 1
Safety Order: Setup of Mueller deropement switches on combination or "Rosta" sheave assemblies SO-P4 050216 1
Directive: Electrical work not subsumed in passenger ropeway permits D-P3 040826 6