If you are operating or maintaining equipment in BC’s commercial properties, industrial plants, mills, manufacturing plants, schools, hospitals, or multi-unit buildings, it’s likely that you will need an operating permit. An operating permit is needed before operating equipment or performing maintenance work.

If you’ve just purchased a property with regulated equipment or systems, you’ll also need to get a new operating permit. Permits become invalid once a property changes ownership.

The importance of an operating permit

Each operating permit is assessed by Technical Safety BC to confirm that maintenance of your equipment is monitored or performed by qualified individuals. The information you submit also informs Technical Safety BC’s oversight on your equipment and others in the province similar to yours. We will notify you of any hazards or trends relevant to you, helping to protect your investment, and helping inform your decisions to keep you and your workers safe.

It is also your legal obligation to obtain an operating permit when operating or maintaining regulated equipment and systems, according to the Safety Standards General Regulations.

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