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Take out a permit with Technical Safety BC

Did you know that unpermitted work is four times more likely to result in a significant safety hazard than work performed under a permit? Permits help ensure that the work on your property or business is safe. Permits also help to confirm that maintenance or operation of regulated equipment is done properly. Each time you take out a permit, you are adding yourself to the safety system – a network of everyone else in BC who also have permits – this shared data allows Technical Safety BC to alert you of any risks or hazard trends seen in others’ work or equipment similar to yours, sometimes even before you order your equipment or do the work, saving both time and money.

Technical Safety BC has three types of permits

Homeowner permits

Planning on home renovations or home repairs? Big or small, if you need gas or electrical work done, you may also need a homeowner permit.
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Installation permits

Installing, maintaining, repairing, or testing regulated equipment? You’ll likely need an installation permit. Be sure to get one before you start any work.
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Operating permits

Operating or maintaining regulated equipment or systems? You’ll need an operating permit.
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Homeowners, realtors, contractors

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