About Passenger Ropeways

The Passenger Ropeways Safety Program at Technical Safety BC is responsible for overseeing the safety of passenger ropeways throughout British Columbia in accordance with the Safety Standards Act and the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation. Passenger ropeways include tramways, gondolas, chairlifts, rope tows, and passenger conveyors.

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Importance of daily Passenger Ropeways checks

The CSA Z98-14 Safety Standard for Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors mandates that daily inspections are to be completed (Clause 12.4 Operational inspection 12.4.1 Daily inspection) Clause 12.4.1  also lists as a minimum what must be inspected before passengers (public) are transported. In addition, you must complete any additional pre-operation inspection required by the manufacturer.

The Safety Standard also details how these inspections must be documented, the requirements can be found in Clause 12.14 and 13.18 of the CSA Z98. Annex C of the CSA Z98 (which is adopted as mandatory in British Columbia) is an example of what items must be recorded as a minimum.

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Passenger Ropeways safety

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