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Blended Learning – B44-16 Code Change

Learn about the changes to the B44-16 elevating code and BC's Acts and Regulations in this blended learning course (live webinar on September 22, 2020).

Pressure vessels webinar – September 2

Identify common problem areas with pressure vessels and understand permit requirements for pressure vessels by attending our free pressure vessels webinar on September 2, from 2-3 PM. Register today.

Gas recall: certain Lochinvar gas boilers

Health Canada has recalled certain Lochinvar Condensing Gas Boilers and Condensing Gas Combi Boilers due to risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Product: Certain Lochinvar Condensing Gas Boilers and Condensing Gas Combi Boilers.

Issue: The boiler's flue grommet can deteriorate and dislodge during use, and allow the boiler to emit carbon monoxide, posing a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

What to do: Consumers should immediately contact the installer or a qualified technician to schedule a free repair.

State of Safety and Annual Report released

Technical Safety BC has released it's 2019 State of Safety and Annual Report. The reports provide a snapshot of results and efforts to assure safety in the many technical systems that British Columbians interact with and rely on every day across the province. They also highlight important lessons for British Columbians as businesses and organizations re-open their doors and restart operations amidst COVID-19.