Changes to electrical operating permits




Effective January 16, 2022, a physical signature is no longer required to perform your annual Field Safety Representative (FSR) verification. 

What’s changed?

Asset owners are no longer required to provide a physical signature to verify their current FSR. This process will occur through the renewal of their annual electrical operating permit(s).

We request all asset owners review their listed FSRs when they receive their invoice, and to notify Technical Safety BC of any changes to FSRs. If there are no changes, the payment of the operating permit invoice will verify this list is up-to-date.   

What do I need to do as an owner?

Before renewing your electrical operating permit ensure that the FSRs listed are up-to-date. If an adjustment is required at any point, please submit the following form: 1014 – Electrical Operating Permit Holder Notice of Change of Field Safety Representative.

How does an operating permit and FSR help my business?

An operating permit ensures that owners have direct access to a Technical Safety BC-certified FSR who can provide technical guidance and assistance for the development of a continuous preventative electrical safety program. The FSR is responsible for conducting regular inspections of electrical equipment at the facility. The FSR also provides advice and oversight of electrical work being performed for the owner. An electrical operating permit provides owners with the means and the opportunity to achieve safety goals.

FSRs can see which permits they are named on through their online services account. We recommend FSRs ensure their listed permits are up-to-date, and to contact Technical Safety BC if there are any required changes.

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