Notice: Confined Space Entry Requirements

For Technical Safety BC to meet the requirements of the Part 9 “Confined Spaces” of WorkSafeBC (WSBC)Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR) and for Technical Safety BC employees to fulfill inspection services that require entry into a confined space such as a boiler or pressure vessel, the site must be in compliance with the WSBC OHSR requirements for confined space entry.

As an owner or representative in compliance with the Part 3, Division 3, Section 119 of the Workers Compensation Act and Part 4, Division 2, Section 19 (2) of the Safety Standards Act. please note the following, as a minimum, is requested to be sent to Technical Safety BC:

  • Written Hazard Assessment(s) of the specific confined space(s);
  • Written Safe Work Procedure(s) for Confined Space Entry of the specific confined space(s);
  • Written Rescue Procedures;
  • Notification of specialized personal protective equipment required or provided by client
  • Written Lockout Procedure(s) (where required)

Made available at the Confined Space Entry site:

  • Plan-specific instruction and/or training on the confined space to be entered (as applicable)
  • Calibration records for gas monitor

To facilitate inspections in confined spaces by Technical Safety BC, please ensure the above requirements are addressed and applicable documentation (i.e., written hazard assessment(s), entry procedures, lockout procedures, and rescue procedures) are prepared by a Qualified Person as defined in Section 9.11 WSBC OHSR and forwarded to your respective Technical Safety BC contact person prior to scheduling the inspection work.

If you think your space isn’t a confined space

If you think the space to be entered by one of our employees does not meet the definition of a confined space, please provide a hazard assessment by a qualified person to your Technical Safety BC contact person describing why it’s not a confined space.

A qualified person is (OHSR G9.11):

  • certified industrial hygienist (CIH) or registered occupational hygienist (ROH) with experience in confined space entry
  • certified safety professional (CSP), Canadian registered safety professional (CRSP) or professional engineer (P. Eng.), provided that the holders of these qualifications have experience in the practice of occupational hygiene as it relates to confined space entry
  • other combination of education, training and experience acceptable to the Board

Technical Safety BC will review this hazard assessment and make a decision as to next steps, and will notify you if anything more is needed.

Thank you for your cooperation. Should you have any questions, please contact your respective Technical Safety BC contact person.


Brad Bice,
Director, Operations