Would you like to make a payment, cancel an invoice, or request a refund? You can do so by using the secure online payment forms on this page. We are always striving to make your online experience better - register for an online account in order to gain access to a number of benefits and features that have been designed with your complex business needs in mind. 

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Online payments

You do not need an online account to pay an invoice with us, but make sure you have the following: 

  • Account number (on older invoices, it may be referred to as Contact number)
  • Invoice number

Pay online

EFT Payments

We have changed our business banking information. If you pay by electronic fund transfer (EFT), please note the following:

  • Notification of payment must be sent by email to
  • Invoice(s), business license(s) or document number(s) must include the amount to be paid clearly stated
  • If you are partially paying an invoice, please reference the permit(s) for which you are paying. Invoices can contain multiple permits and we must determine where to apply payment
  • Payment for certification renewals or examinations must include the full name of the applicant. Paperwork should be sent to the appropriate Customer Service Representative within Technical Safety BC
  • Company name, contact person’s name and number for any questions we may have regarding discrepancies, duplicate, or short payments
  • Technical Safety BC does not provide blank or void cheques

For Technical Safety BC’s banking information please email us.

Cheque Payments

The fastest way to make a payment is through your online account or guest payment portal, however Technical Safety BC does accept cheques. If you wish to make your payment by cheque please note the following:

  1. The invoice number must be included with your cheque.
  2. All cheques must be mailed to Technical Safety BC – Suite 600 2889 E. 12th Ave Vancouver BC V5M 4T5
  3. Please ensure cheques are sent with enough processing time (2-3 weeks) before the expiry of operating permit to avoid past due notices.

Cancel your invoice

You can request a change or cancel your invoice if there is: 

  • A change of ownership or building(s) demolished or
  • A unit that has been scrapped, destroyed, or decommissioned

Cancel an invoice

Download Operating permit declaration of status change - all technologies form to apply via mail.

Request a refund

Please note that refunds can only be processed and approved within two years of the original transaction date.

Request a refund

Download Application for refund request to apply via mail.

Online services: registration and login

Our online system makes it easier for you to quickly complete transactions and view safely information. With an online account, you can easily:

  • Pay invoices, pull permits, and submit declarations
  • Save credit card information securely for faster payment
  • View status lists of your permits, inspections and invoices
  • View/renew your in-progress and active certification(s)
  • Search any address to see what permits have been issued by Technical Safety BC
  • Access summarized inspection results associated with team members
  • Compare your inspection results with other contractors or equipment owners 

Check out our video to see how our online services can save you time, or take a quick video tour.

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