Gas Commissioning Approval Request

Commissioning Approval: a mandatory requirement for the permission to commission certified appliances as defined under s.26 of the Gas Safety Regulations, these appliances must bear the seal or mark of a recognized certification agency for Canada

If the appliance is a newly installed/relocated Canadian-Certified appliance as indicated below, a Gas Commissioning Approval is required as a phase in an installation permit for:

  • Any direct-fired, non-recirculating type, make-up heater;
  • A conversion burner, unless the appliance will be installed in a single family dwelling and has an input of 120 kW or less;
  • A commercial or industrial conversion burner;
  • Any direct fired equipment; or
  • A forced draft appliance over 409,600 BTU/hour.

To arrange for a commissioning approval:

  1. Complete and submit the Gas Notification of Completion Installation of Alteration form 570 to a Technical Safety BC office. A separate application is required for each appliance. 

Note: To schedule your commissioning assessment, you must contact your gas safety officer or alternate 48 hours in advance. Alternatively the safety officer may provide you with verbal confirmation that the commissioning of the appliance can proceed without their presence. However, the safety officer may request any supporting documentation, if required.

The appliance commissioning approval requires that communication between the gasfitter of record and the gas safety officer be initiated as early as possible in this process to ensure appropriate oversight of the commissioning process. Appliances found operating contrary to these requirements could result in the owner of the equipment being ordered to remove the equipment from service by the gas safety officer if there are underlying concerns regarding the safety of the appliances.

Cancelled appointments or issues that delay the commissioning of the appliance beyond what was scheduled may require additional billing charges as per the fee schedule.