Document Checklist: LPTFP Automated Control Systems

Design registration for a control system should primarily outline how:

  • A plant monitors performance, including all systems related to automated operation, and can automatically alter the plant operation to ensure it operates safely during start-up, shut-down, and during operation 
  • A plant is designed so that any failure of the automated control system will cause the plant to go to a predetermined safe state

Required Documentation

  1. All design specifications, including information respecting safeguards, controls, interlocks, logic data and system commissioning and testing
  2. An approval by a professional engineer of the automated control system’s design
  3. Plans, drawings or other documentation that demonstrate the system
  4. A listing of possible hazards and the associated safety risks
  5. Measuring instrumentation and interlocks
  6. Detailed interlocks and safety equipment descriptions
  7. Commissioning plans

Refer to the directive about Low Pressure Thermal Fluid Plant Automated Control Systems (D-B6 100604 1) for a more detailed explanation on the documentation requirements.