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Design Registration: Control Systems

Automated Control Systems: Low Pressure Thermal Fluid Plants (LPTFP) 

Control systems are used to automate a manual activity, like regulating or controlling a safety shutdown in a hazardous operation. These systems can be found in regulated equipment and systems in residential or commercial use throughout different industries across BC. Design registration for control systems applies only to those who wish to be exempt from having a certificate of qualification to operate low pressure thermal fluid plants with boiler capacity greater than 150 m2.

Applicable codes

To register a design

  1. Log in to our online Design Registration Portal. See How to Register for more details on how to create an account. 
  2. Select & complete the applicable webform.
  3. Upload and attach all supporting documentation. Refer to the document checklist for more details.

All applications must be submitted through the Design Registration Portal, or they will be rejected.

Additional Considerations

  • Registration of a design or an alteration to a design does not relieve the professional engineer or equipment manufacturer of liability for the design and the installation of the automated control system.

Owners of low pressure thermal fluid plants that have registered an automatic control system will need to comply with the requirements of the Directive: Individuals Responsible for LP Thermal Fluid Plants (D-B6 100604 2).