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Pressure Welder

What is a Pressure Welder?

A Pressure Welder is an individual who performs pressure welding on pressure equipment. You must obtain a Pressure Welder certificate of qualification, and pass any relevant performance qualification tests, in order to perform pressure welding work in BC.

About the new Pressure Welder certification program

In December 2019, BC adopted a nationally recognized Pressure Welder certification program. The province adopted this program after determining that a greater level of regulation and training was required for pressure welding, due to the high safety risk of specialized welding on pressurized equipment. This new certification program assesses a welder’s skills and abilities, ensuring all pressure welders in BC have the minimum capabilities that are required by the relevant Codes and standards. 

How to apply

To successfully apply for a Pressure Welder certificate, you must meet the minimum requirements of your chosen class. In the case of the Class A Pressure Welder certificate, you must also pass a practical exam.

Learn more about each class:

Transfer to BC

If you have qualifications and experience from outside BC or from a different country, you still need to get certified in order to work in BC as a Pressure Welder. See Transfer to BC for more details.

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