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Elevating Devices Mechanic: Exam information

Exam Information

Our Elevating Devices Mechanic exams are held across most of our offices in BC. Due to COVID-19, we have also created an online exam option.

You can find updates about our certification exams here.

Exam locations

Only the following locations are open until further notice:

  • Cranbrook
  • Nanaimo
  • Vancouver Island University
  • Vancouver
  • Langley
  • Kelowna
  • Fort St. John
  • Prince George
  • Victoria
  • Kamloops

See COVID-19 updates for more information.

Book your exam

1. Confirm your eligibility

Before you book your exam, you must apply for the Elevating Devices Mechanic certificate class you’re interested in. If your application to become an Elevating Devices Mechanic is successful, we will contact you and invite you to apply to take the exam.

2. Apply for the exam

You can apply for your Elevating Devices Mechanic certificate exam through this online form.

Note: in the case of Elevating Devices Mechanic - Class MR, your exam will be administered by your training provider.

Payment and exam schedule

Once your exam application has been processed, you will receive a call from us to pay for, and book your exam. This can take up to 7-10 business days after we receive the completed application form. Based on availability, exam dates can be scheduled 15 business days from the time of payment. You will receive your exam confirmation letter by email or mail, depending on your indicated preference.

If your application is incomplete or you are ineligible for the exam, you will be contacted and asked to provide any missing requirements.

View exam fees.

Exam procedure

See our in-person and online exam guidelines.

Exam application policies

  1. Incomplete application(s) will be returned to the applicant.
  2. Technical Safety BC will not be able to accommodate clients wishing to reschedule exams within 5 business days of the scheduled exam date.
  3. There is no charge for the 1st reschedule of an examination date if we are notified at least 5 business days from the examination date.
  4. 2nd and subsequent re-schedule requests will be charged a rescheduling fee (plus tax).
  5. Clients that do not show up for an exam sitting will be recorded as a “no show.” Subsequent requests will be charged a fee equal to the exam fee minus the evaluation portion of the fee (plus tax).
  6. Rescheduled exams must be written within 60-days following the original scheduled exam date. Clients unable to write within this time will have to re-apply.
  7. If an examination candidate fails to pass an examination, they will receive a notification letter from Technical Safety BC that details the marks achieved and highlight areas that are in need of improvement. An exam re-write fee applies to each additional attempt.
  8. If an examination candidate fails to pass an examination on their 1st or 2nd attempt, the candidate may not take the examination again until 30 days after the previous examination.
  9. If an examination candidate fails to pass an examination on their 3rd attempt, the candidate must seek written approval from the Elevating Devices Safety Manager to re-write.
  10. When an exam is rebooked, the fee for a rewrite is determined by the latest fee schedule.
  11. A government-issued picture ID is required to be presented at the time of writing an examination.

After your exam

Your exam results will arrive by mail or email depending on your indicated preference. You will receive your certification letter and wallet card upon passing your exam.

Certificate renewal

Elevating Devices Mechanic certificates must be renewed every 3 years. Proof of continuing education is required to renew. Learn more.