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Electrical FSR: Classes

FSR Classes

We offer class A, B or C field safety representative (FSR) certificates of qualification, and restricted class A, B or C FSR certificates of qualification. These certificates are based on the types of electrical work that can be performed.

In the case of restricted certificate classes, the scope of work is restricted to performing only a certain type of regulated electrical work that falls within a broader category of class. Examples of restricted certificate classes include work with underground raceways, power lines, or security alarm systems. Restricted classes are identified with the letter R in their names. 

As of 2020, some of our class names have changed. To make the transition easier, we've made sure to indicate name changes where relevant.

We offer certificates for the following classes:

  • Class A FSR: can submit declarations for any type of regulated electrical work, no voltage or ampere limitations.
  • Class B FSR: can submit declarations only with respect to electrical installations in which the voltage of the completed installation does not exceed 750 volts.
  • Class C FSR: can submit declarations only with respect to electrical installations that do not exceed 200 amps and voltage of 150 volts to ground, single phase power.
  • Class A-R - Power Line Technician: can act as an FSR and install, construct, alter, repair, maintain, test, service, and/or operate related overhead, underground, marine electrical transmission, and distribution systems.
  • Class B-R - Full Entertainment: can perform temporary installation, maintenance, operation and testing of feeders, branch circuits and electrical equipment used for the production of trade shows, exhibits, film or video productions and similar venues.
  • Class B-R – Refrigerationcan act as an FSR and fabricate, install, alter, repair, or service any system used for cooling and heating in closed systems that contain a refrigeration or a brine and thermoelectric cooling.
  • Class C-R - Water Well: can assemble, construct, install, maintain or repair electrical equipment associated with water well systems.
  • Class C-R - Instrument Mechanic: can install, repair, maintain, replace, calibrate, and program equipment for process monitoring and/or control instruments including hydraulic, electronic, mechanical, fluidic, nuclear, optical or chemical signal transmission, among others.
  • Class C-R - Limited Entertainment: can perform temporary assembly or interconnection of plug-in wiring systems employed in trade shows, exhibits, displays, festivals, film or video productions and similar venues.  
  • Class C-R - Low Energy: can act as FSR and perform regulated electrical work on equipment that includes all wiring and installations restricted to Class 2 circuits, 100 volts.
  • Class C-R - Security Alarm: can act as FSR and design, install, repair, maintain, replace, test and service the operation of all intruder and security alarm systems in accordance with security regulations. 
  • Class C-R - Underground Raceway: can assemble, construct, install, maintain or repair and alter underground electrical conduit.
  • BC Master Electrician: designation allows an individual to perform regulated electrical work, as well as oversee and validate whether electrical work is safe.