Electrical FSR Hero

Electrical field safety representative (FSR)

What is an Electrical FSR?

An Electrical Field Safety Representative (FSR) is a person who is certified to make declarations that the work described in an electrical installation or operating permit complies with the Safety Standards Act and Electrical Safety Regulation. An FSR can make these declarations on behalf of a contractor.

In order to become a certified FSR, you must meet certain eligibility requirements and pass a certification exam.

Certificate classes

All our FSR certificates of qualification are based on the type of electrical work that will be performed. We offer class A, B or C, and restricted class A, B or C FSR certificates of qualification.

Note: The names of some of our class certificates have changed. To make the transition easier, we've indicated name changes where relevant.

See FSR Classes for more details.

2021 Electrical Code change training

Based on your input and feedback, Technical Safety BC has made the decision not to offer code update training for the 2021 Electrical Code changes. We believe our absence from the code change education and training market will enable training providers to expand and diversify their offerings and provide coverage to meet the needs of FSRs and the electrical industry. The delivery of quality, accessible code update education is important and we will monitor supply and demand to assess if and when TSBC may need to provide training assistance.

Transfer to BC

If you have electrical qualifications and experience from outside BC or from a different country, you still need to get certified in order to work in BC as an FSR. See Transfer to BC for more details.

Certificate renewal

FSR certificates of qualification must be renewed every three years. Proof of continuing education is required to renew your certificate, to ensure you're up-to-date on the latest safety hazards and changes in codes and regulations. Learn more.

BC Master Electricians

If you are applying for a Class A or B FSR certificate of qualification, and you possess a trade qualification from Industry Training Authority BC (or equivalent) as a construction or industrial electrician, you will receive the designation of BC Master Electrician upon passing your Class A or B exam.

If you are an Alberta Master Electrician transferring to BC, you can receive the designation of BC Master Electrician during your transfer application. Find out how.

FSR and Permits

An electrical operating permit can only be obtained by the owner of the equipment.

An electrical installation permit can only be obtained by:

For both installation and operating permits, an FSR must be named on the permit by the applicant.

Licensed contractors need to: