Preparing to apply

Please follow the instructions below before you apply. This application is to be submitted by the supervising Power Engineer.

  1. Obtain a Technical Safety BC online account. If you haven’t registered, please sign up here
  1. After logging in, ensure the account and equipment information on your boiler operating permit is up to date before beginning the application process. If you need to update your boiler unit information, email details to us at Only move forward with your application after the details have been updated. 
  1. Verify that your boiler operating permits are current and active.
  1. Gather legible images of the ASME stampings and manufacturer nameplates for all boiler units connected to your classed headers. Before you begin, please review our tips in the ASME Stampings and Nameplates Requirements Guide.
  2. The application requires a designated Chief Engineer / Primary Operator / Oil Well Operator to be named. Be prepared to provide your legal name and Power Engineer certificate number.