View your outstanding non-compliances through online services


Based on client feedback we’ve developed new online features that will help clients manage their outstanding non-compliances through their online services account, including:

Code violations

  • view a summary listing of past due code violations; and
  • submit declarations for individual code violations.

    Email notifications

    Receive email notifications regarding:

    • invoices and operating permits that are coming due;
    • declarations that have been passed by a safety officer and do not require a physical inspection;
    • past due code violations;
    • expired permits; and
    • past due invoices.

    These new features are in addition to the existing features that help clients view their expired permits and past due invoices.

    Beginning with electrical contractors in May, the new features will be rolled out to clients in phases until Fall 2019.

    Login or register for an online services account today to see if these features are now available in your account.

    NOTE: If you have multiple accounts, the top right corner of the screen will indicate what online account you're viewing. You can switch between accounts by simply clicking on the drop down arrow beside the account name.

    Switching accounts

    Dashboard screen with code violations and urgent outstanding non-compliances alert bar

    All expired permits, past due invoices, and past due code violations can be viewed by clicking on the red button under each category (i.e., "Code Violations"). A listing of all urgent outstanding non-compliances can be viewed by clicking on the red alert bar button near the top right of the dashboard screen.

    Dashboard with outstanding non-compliances

    Listing of all outstanding non-compliances

    To view a complete listing of all urgent outstanding non-compliances (i.e., past due invoices for operating permits, past due code violations) simply click on the button on the right side of the red alert bar.

    Summary listing of urgent non-compliances

    Non-compliance listing


    Submitting individual declarations for outstanding non-compliances

    Clients can now declare work as compliant by submitting individual declarations, rather than needing to declare all outstanding non-compliances corrected at once.

    All outstanding non-compliances must be declared prior to a safety officer assessing whether a physical site inspection is required.

    To submit declarations individually, simply click on the applicable "Submit Declaration" button on the right side of the screen and then click the box on the left of each applicable outstanding non-compliance:



    For more information on these features, please contact us.


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