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Assessments: Amusement Devices

Amusement devices assessments at Technical Safety BC

Technical Safety BC performs technical reviews, construction, and acceptance assessments (inspections) on amusement devices as part of an installation permit. We also perform periodic and operational assessments when deemed necessary to the safety system. These assessments include remote or physical inspections.

If you plan to operate an amusement device, you should request an inspection from Technical Safety BC. We will assign a Safety Officer to you, provide a technical review, and an acceptance  inspection will be performed prior to operating the device for the public

In the case where a remote assessment is appropriate, you must provide specific evidence that clearly demonstrates that your amusement device meets the requirements of the Act, Regulation, and the CSA Z267-00 Safety Standard. Types of evidence that may be requested include, but are not limited to:

  • Photo or videos logs (time-stamped when necessary)
  • Live video conferencing
  • Documentation (PDFs, Word), including pre-operation inspection checklist declarations for: 
    • Inflatables 
    • Major/kiddie rides
    • Train rides
    • Waterslides
    • Ziplines

Any questions? Email us with the subject line “Remote assessments”.

Resuming operations

If you are preparing to resume operations, please complete and submit the items listed above to your local Safety Officer before resuming operations. Once a physical or remote inspection has been completed, you will be issued a certificate of inspection.

Any questions? Email us with the subject line “Remote assessments”.

Fees for remote assessment

Remote assessment requests will continue to be processed as per the current procedure, and upon completion and receipt of the certificate of inspection, you will be invoiced according to the Amusement Devices Fee Schedule. For more information about remote assessments, contact our amusement devices team.


If you recently had an inspection of your amusement device equipment that identified non-compliances, you must confirm that you have taken action to rectify the situation by completing an Amusement Device Confirmation of Correction of Non-Compliances Form 1000. Please email us the completed form. 

Inspection Fees

Inspection fees vary based on the day of the week, and the duration of the inspection.

Due to the unparalleled impact COVID-19 has had on the industry, the general 2% fee increase introduced on March 17, 2021 does not apply to amusement devices.

View current fee schedules.