Learn about the work we are doing to improve the safety of the technical equipment we regulate in British Columbia.
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Trends in Safety

Common themes we saw over the last year, from incidents and injuries to inspections and certification. By viewing technical safety trends year-over-year, we can help identify the areas of highest risk and develop programs to protect the public from harm.

Safety Culture

Our Safety Culture

In 2018 we continued to build a strong safety culture in the province by introducing new certification requirements in some technologies,  enhancing responsiveness to high risk events, and increasing the number of technical safety system insights we share with clients, stakeholders and the public. Together, all of these items help to improve connection and engagement with the safety system.


Fault Tree Studies

Fault trees and studies are helping us identify the causal factors behind the hazards we see most often: ammonia release, escalator brake failure and electric shock. 

Trampoline Parks Review

Should trampoline parks be regulated? We've launched a review of our Amusement Devices aimed at addressing regulatory gaps that cause undue safety hazards for the public.

Finding High Risk Hazards

We've introduced machine learning and artificial technology into the algorithms we use to find risks. Together with our safety officers' expertise, they can help us locate high-risk hazards, more effectively.

Safety Stories

Ice Rink

Ammonia Release

Our work to prevent ammonia releases, after a fatal incident in Fernie. 

Electrician at panel

Electric Shock

How we're working to mitigate the hazard of electric shock.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide hazard mitigation and prevention, following a fatality in Ashcroft.

Safety by Technology

Amusement Devices Go
Boilers, Pressure Vessels, & Refrigeration Go
Electrical Go
Elevating Devices Go
Gas Go
Passenger Ropeways Go
Railways Go
Alternative Safety Approaches Go

In the Community

We participate in a variety of community activities each year to help the public understand our role in technical safety. From participating in data hack-a-thons to hosting booths at the Vancouver Home Show and various community emergency preparedness events, we work hard to educate British Columbians about technical safety.

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